April 2010
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Late April Snow StormLate April Snow Storm

Plum blossoms after snow stom

Wet,gloppy snow started falling yesterday morning and continued through most of today. Electrical power has been out for 36 hours due to trees and branches falling on power lines. Since we have a wood stove for heat,the biggest inconvenience has been lack of water.

So strangely beautiful to see the green haze of early-leafing trees through the falling snow. It never went much below freezing so I’m not concerned about cold damage to the leaves but a lot of fruit trees had just begun to bloom so we’ll see if the blossoms remain viable.

The photo shows one of my plum trees after the storm,blooming too soon for it’s own good.

This is an experiment to try posting directly from my iPhone,in the dark!

3 comments to Late April Snow Storm

  • Brad

    Whoa! Hard to imagine. Here in MA we (finally) have a sunny day,new leaves abound.

    (Congrats on pecking out this post on your iPhone!)

  • faith

    We finally got our power back today! Really appreciate the ease of running water from faucets,lights that switch on and power to run computers and charge phones! So easy to squander and take it for granted too! I was jealous of people who had solar arrays that provided a little juice during the power outage!

  • Kerry

    I love my iphone in these outages…charge it in the car and you are good to go! Now about those folks with solar power…Nate and I were talking about simple battery solutions,but the solar power thing would make a lot more sense and be a better investment long term. You might think about wind too?

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