July 2010
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A couple quick garden tipsA couple quick garden tips

Spring harvested scallions,from bulblets formed by perennial multiplying onions.

Scallions or green onions are among the most versatile vegetables one can grow in the garden. And one of the easiest too. We like them grilled whole,cut up and stir fried or minced for garnish,to name just a few uses.

Stored sunshine - St Johnswort OilStored sunshine –St. John’s wort Oil

St. Johnswort blossoms along the roadside.

St. Johns wort (Hypericum perforatum),was all the rage in the 90′s as a herbal remedy for depression. As is often the case with health fads,people soon lost interest,the effects of this common summer-blooming weed being too subtle for those accustomed to aggressive pharmaceutical solutions.

Since [...]

Raspberry jam dazeRaspberry jam daze

Boiling juice first and adding fruit at the end to preserve color,taste and texture of raspberries.

Hot,sticky,sweet Jam in July.

Raspberries ripen fast in a heat wave,at a rate of 2 quarts a day from my 40′row. With no chest freezer at our house,making jam has proven [...]