August 2020

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Radish for breakfast

Open faced sandwich for breakfast. Radish variety –multi-colored "Easter Egg."

Stepping out into the garden with a cup of tea this morning to examine the overnight happenings,I found most of my radishes had bolted but a few were still intact and in good condition for fresh eating. This fact,together with the [...]

Flavor of flowersFlavor of flowers

Korean lilac and siberian iris blooming with the chives –late May 2009

A year ago while admiring the mid-day buzz around some profusely blooming chive blossoms in my garden I noticed that none of the pollinators were honey bees. Instead,a multi-cultural throng of pollinating insects ranging in size from the big [...]

Localvore - now the defaultLocalvore –now the default

Late April localvore spread.

“Hey,lets go pick wild leeks and then make a localvore meal.”That welcome invitation from Karen came late last Saturday morning and by evening we had assembled a magnificent feast. The last-minute dinner party was particularly notable for how easy it was to load the table with a wide [...]


Black morel found on April 24

The elusive black morel.

Finding morels,the first gourmet wild mushroom of the season,offers a thrill above all others. As maddeningly elusive as they are delicious,they’ve been a bit of an obsession of mine for the past decade. Despite my enthusiasm and frequent forays in search of them,each spring passed,[...]