August 2020

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Lettuce - all sizes,all seasonLettuce –all sizes,all season

May 13 before thinning

Lettuce grows like crazy in May thanks to the ample daylight hours and still-cool temperatures. It’s salad heaven —the reward for planting in early spring.

A delightful array of colors and textures can be achieved by seeding multiple varieties of lettuce,but it’s also fun to be [...]

Flavor of flowersFlavor of flowers

Korean lilac and siberian iris blooming with the chives –late May 2009

A year ago while admiring the mid-day buzz around some profusely blooming chive blossoms in my garden I noticed that none of the pollinators were honey bees. Instead,a multi-cultural throng of pollinating insects ranging in size from the big [...]

Localvore - now the defaultLocalvore –now the default

Late April localvore spread.

“Hey,lets go pick wild leeks and then make a localvore meal.”That welcome invitation from Karen came late last Saturday morning and by evening we had assembled a magnificent feast. The last-minute dinner party was particularly notable for how easy it was to load the table with a wide [...]

Late April Snow StormLate April Snow Storm

Plum blossoms after snow stom

Wet,gloppy snow started falling yesterday morning and continued through most of today. Electrical power has been out for 36 hours due to trees and branches falling on power lines. Since we have a wood stove for heat,the biggest inconvenience has been lack of water.

So strangely beautiful [...]

What's ready for harvest in mid-April?What’s ready for harvest in mid-April?

Salad of mixed greens from hoop house

Fresh harvests of salad greens,herbs,scallions and even a few spears of asparagus have increasingly supplied our table from the unheated hoop house over the past few weeks. Spinach and lettuces planted in February and March now pump out new leaves for regular picking. Despite bolting [...]