November 2020

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Schedule for Spring Gardening in Zone 4

Ground Hog Day marked the start of the new growing season,but spring began in earnest the second week in March with a flurry of outdoor activity during a welcome thaw. Maple sap flowed freely in the warm sunshine,the ducks began laying daily eggs,and it was planting time indoors and in the hoop [...]


For shy people,finding ourselves prominently displayed in a newspaper can be unnerving. But Phyl Newbeck’s story on our evolving garden in the DYI section of the Burlington Free Press on June 26,2012,treated us gently and gave us a chance to share a bit of what we’ve learned over the years. Here are [...]

Ready for Winter

Newly re-designed hoop house.

If winter had arrived in November,as it often has in the past,we’d have been unprepared,crops left un-harvested and poorly protected and the detritus of our not-so-neat outdoor existence,ready to be lost under the snow. But nature was kind this year,bestowing a deliciously pleasant November with [...]

Daisy the super mom –brooding a new duck flock

Mixed runner ducklings following Daisy,ten days after hatching.

One day in early June,Daisy and Violet Duck found themselves free outside their rolling safety cage as their careless people rushed off to work. Normally they stayed out to forage only when the people were home. At night and any time they were left [...]