October 2020

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Localvore - now the defaultLocalvore –now the default

Late April localvore spread.

“Hey,lets go pick wild leeks and then make a localvore meal.”That welcome invitation from Karen came late last Saturday morning and by evening we had assembled a magnificent feast. The last-minute dinner party was particularly notable for how easy it was to load the table with a wide [...]

Eating the landscapeEating the landscape

Newest generation of foragers –Brynna with wild leeks

Since late November until just last week,walks in the woods and fields have been a little dull. Animal tracking can keep the brain cells active on winter walks,but for us non-hunters and foragers,the flush of green on the forest floor stimulates a [...]

Plants that need our helpPlants that need our help

Lindsey with Rosemary Gladstar

If you’ve dabbled in herbalism,you probably recognize Rosemary Gladstone and her role in helping to birth the herbal renaissance that we so benefit from today. My young friend,Lindsey and I heard her speak in Burlington last night,showered with entertaining gems of wisdom from the sprightly [...]