November 2020

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Evergreen Pesto

Fresh basil with bags of frozen pesto

Basil,that indispensible warm-weather herb and best friend of tomatoes has been a gardener’s favorite for years. Yet during my first 25 years,basil was no more than a jar of gray,flavorless flakes in the spice cabinet –a far cry from the verdant and evocatively [...]

Civilizing the bramblesCivilizing the brambles

Raspberry row BEFORE pruning

Faced with a long list of seasonal garden tasks in the fall —from planting garlic to capturing leaves,to preparing the garden beds for spring —the long row of raspberries often claim attention first. Pruning raspberry canes makes them more productive and easier work around when the raspberry [...]

Plants that need our helpPlants that need our help

Lindsey with Rosemary Gladstar

If you’ve dabbled in herbalism,you probably recognize Rosemary Gladstone and her role in helping to birth the herbal renaissance that we so benefit from today. My young friend,Lindsey and I heard her speak in Burlington last night,showered with entertaining gems of wisdom from the sprightly [...]