November 2020

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Ready for Winter

Newly re-designed hoop house.

If winter had arrived in November,as it often has in the past,we’d have been unprepared,crops left un-harvested and poorly protected and the detritus of our not-so-neat outdoor existence,ready to be lost under the snow. But nature was kind this year,bestowing a deliciously pleasant November with [...]

What's ready for harvest in mid-April?What’s ready for harvest in mid-April?

Salad of mixed greens from hoop house

Fresh harvests of salad greens,herbs,scallions and even a few spears of asparagus have increasingly supplied our table from the unheated hoop house over the past few weeks. Spinach and lettuces planted in February and March now pump out new leaves for regular picking. Despite bolting [...]

Spring time in hoop houseSpring time in hoop house

hoop house in last week’s snow storm

Yesterday’s sun ignited temperatures close to 90 degrees in the hoop house. Soil is now fully thawed and the winter-weary plants are stretching out and starting to grow. It felt incredibly good to putter around,weeding,planting,watering in the sun without a jacket.

With the [...]