November 2020

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Zoned Out

Garlic recovered from its weather-beaten start and grows strong and healthy.

Somehow the mild winter and abnormally early spring of 2012,while extremely pleasant,caused a severe case of writer’s block. Perhaps welcoming the end of the world with a lovely brunch on the deck in March (to paraphrase Peter Segal) created too much [...]

Eating the landscapeEating the landscape

Newest generation of foragers –Brynna with wild leeks

Since late November until just last week,walks in the woods and fields have been a little dull. Animal tracking can keep the brain cells active on winter walks,but for us non-hunters and foragers,the flush of green on the forest floor stimulates a [...]

Do children need Zest?Do children need Zest?

Some thoughts to chew upon from my brother John,a professor of applied linguistics in Tokyo.

“Zest”is an interesting word–arising from citrus peel,but now extended to intentional and energetic living. The Ministry of Education Science and Technology here [in Japan] has translated its current educational ethos for children,ikiru chikara 生きる力 as ‘zest [...]