November 2020

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Ready for Winter

Newly re-designed hoop house.

If winter had arrived in November,as it often has in the past,we’d have been unprepared,crops left un-harvested and poorly protected and the detritus of our not-so-neat outdoor existence,ready to be lost under the snow. But nature was kind this year,bestowing a deliciously pleasant November with [...]

Giving thanks for the 2010 harvestGiving thanks for the 2010 harvest

Green tomatoes picked before frost,ripening on trays

We’ll be staying close to home for Thanksgiving so can source the majority of ingredients for the feast from our 2010 harvests. As with every growing season,there were notable ups and downs but thanks to unusually good weather for plants,the successes far exceeded [...]

Clearing out the root cellarClearing out the root cellar

Celeriac,the homely prince of root vegetables

A favorite dish at this time of year features the last of the celeriac stored the root cellar. And in a bit of poetic symetry it’s also time to plant the next season’s celeriac seeds. Each year I grow more of this lovely winter vegetable. [...]

Zesty solution to vole woesZesty solution to vole woes

Holes pock-marking the garden beds. Centers nibbled out of precious winter lettuce heads. Healthy parsley plants suddenly flattened and limp,the deep tap roots completely vanished. Carrots eaten from the bottom up. Voles have suddenly become garden enemy #1!

Don’t know if it’s our aging cat providing less effective varmint control,or if it [...]