November 2020

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Tromboncino – Zucchini with a Flair

Inspired by Daisy and her flock,the Tromboncino posed as the mother duck and the Zephr zuccs as the ducklings.

Ready for a change from my usual selection of zucchini varieties last year (Zephyr and Costata Romanesca),I was drawn to the description of a vining form requiring a sturdy trellis for its rampant [...]

Favorite z4z varieties Favorite z4z varieties

scarlet runner pole bean (growing with purple peacock beans)

Going through the newly arrived seed packets,I see a good mix of both old friends and new acquaintances.

This week I’ll plant Napoli carrots in the hoop house,a favorite for cold season sowing and sweet,early summer harvests. Inter-planted will be [...]

Seed order - mission accomplishedSeed order –mission accomplished

Finally completed the 2010 seed orders last weekend. Between perusing the catalogues,inventorying the left over seeds from last year and deciding on the best varieties to buy,the annual seed order has,at least in my mind,become a major undertaking. I try hard not to peek at the seed catalogues that arrive before [...]