January 2021

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Spring time in hoop houseSpring time in hoop house

hoop house in last week’s snow storm

Yesterday’s sun ignited temperatures close to 90 degrees in the hoop house. Soil is now fully thawed and the winter-weary plants are stretching out and starting to grow. It felt incredibly good to putter around,weeding,planting,watering in the sun without a jacket.

With the [...]

Zesty solution to vole woesZesty solution to vole woes

Holes pock-marking the garden beds. Centers nibbled out of precious winter lettuce heads. Healthy parsley plants suddenly flattened and limp,the deep tap roots completely vanished. Carrots eaten from the bottom up. Voles have suddenly become garden enemy #1!

Don’t know if it’s our aging cat providing less effective varmint control,or if it [...]